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Moments in Time


I was never a huge fan of sports or the Olympics.  But this time — it all changed.    I have yelled and screamed and prayed and cried, many times over the last 17 days.  But tonight I did all 4 in the span of a single hockey game.


Participating in National Pride


Feeling proud to be a Canadian.  See you tomorrow.

Cheating / Not Cheating


The moon from my window

I’m on my way out.  Going to watch the Canadian men’s hockey team win with friends over big bowls of chips paired with wine.  I will have my camera and, since I’m walking, I will undoubtedly take many more photos today.  So far I’ve only taken 4.  One of which you see here.

Having to choose from only 4 photos isn’t the ideal.  But I don’t have much choice.

The thing is, I’m not sure if I’ll be home by midnight.  Odds are I won’t be.  And, sure, maybe I can just post my photo for the day once I come back.  What difference does it make if the photo goes up at 11:59pm vs. 2:15am?  There isn’t a gold medal riding on this.

The difference is discipline.  I promised a photo a day and even though I’m the one who made up the rules, I’m also the one who will know if I’m cheating.  And nobody likes a cheater.

So, instead, I’m going to under-promise and leave myself open to the possibility of over-delivering.  I promised you a photo a day but maybe, some days, there will be 2.   Or more, who knows.   The point is: now that we’ve laid down the bottom-line, there’s nowhere else to go but up.

Go Canada Go!

I belong here.


I’ve spent 5 of the last 6 years in this city and yet Toronto still feels like a stranger to me.  We have more of a casual acquaintance.  We’ve seen each other around, maybe we’ve shared some good laughs here and there but we aren’t at the point where we’re having long phone conversations on a Saturday morning.

Coming from a small city, I find it impressive how well some people know Toronto — its secrets, gems and intersections.  And it’s not just a few of those things, but a lot of them.  My sister-in-law can name all the streets in Parkdale, in order, from north to south — and without even trying.  It’s not like a test for her, these are things that she just knows. I, on the other hand, still get confused over which is more west, Brock or Sheridan.

Like all relationships, this kind of intimate knowledge takes time and it takes effort.  I realize now I’ve been much too casual with this city of mine.  Taking it for granted, assuming that it will reveal itself to me with minimal effort on my part.  Thinking, mistakenly, that it will want to know me.

But Toronto isn’t easy like that.  She doesn’t splay out her riches, like fake chips of glass posing as bling.  She knows what she’s got and only rewards those who make the effort.

I wasn’t sure about it before but now I know.  I want to be one of those who makes the effort.

Toronto Stories


Toronto Streetcar, heading East on Dundas St W

One of my favourite memories of living in this city involves a streetcar.

When we’re together, my husband and I are like children.  We joke and play and talk in our secret language.  We’ve even been known to sword fight in toy stores.

One summer night a couple of years ago, we were riding our bikes home.  It was late and the streets were empty.  Except for this one streetcar.   At first, it was casual.  Like most Torontonians, we acted like we didn’t see each other.  But for us kids, this situation was too tempting to resist.

We kept meeting it at the lights but, as soon as the light changed, we were off.  Racing.  Racing the streetcar, racing each other.  I was even wearing stilettos but that didn’t stop me.  I was pumping hard and flying and laughing.  I felt so free.

This went on for several blocks.  I was breathless.  The driver even opened his door and cheered me on as we raced alongside.

I don’t remember who won — him, me or the streetcar.

All I remember is that when it was over, the driver rang his bell and we waved and watched as he glided away.

winterglow 2010 & my first video

This will have to be brief since it’s already 9 and I’ve yet to take my photo for the day (yikes!).

Every so often, I’ll make a slideshow to send to friends and family, using photos from a recent party or trip somewhere.  I’ve never made one that was put to music but thought now would be a great time to try.

When I was working on the slideshow for Winterglow, I decided to try my hand at iMovie.  It seems pretty basic as far as video editing software goes.  I’ve never heard of any pros using it so it’s best to think of this attempt as amateur.  But I also decided to go this route because music was such a huge part of the weekend; it would’ve felt like half the story was missing without it.

So, that said, here is a little ditty from the weekend.

Okay, out to find my photo for the day!  Will be back soon.



There aren’t many places or people that are available whenever you want them.  But the few that are, are worth appreciating.  Like the drive-thru at McDonald’s or The Lakeview on Dundas.  It is a small miracle (or gross indulgence, depending on your perspective) that it is possible to have fries at any time of the day.

My father-in-law is like this.  Anytime you need anything, he’s there.  Even if you don’t need anything, he’ll ask if you do and offer anyway.  Sometimes he won’t even offer — he’ll just do it.  Like bring over groceries at random, just because he thought we’d enjoy this fresh bundle of asparagus or pint of blackberries.

He’s pretty special and we’re pretty lucky to have him.  He’s a nice guy.

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