Monster Truck Jam Yeah!


I’m a pretty curious person.  I like to try and see different things, meet different folks, go places, you know.

So after years and years of seeing those ads on TV, I finally took the bait and bought ourselves some tickets to a Monster Truck Jam (insert “Yeah!” here).

We even went early to catch the Pit Party.

At the Pit Party, you get a chance to meet the drivers as well as see the trucks up close.  There were crazy long line-ups to meet the drivers, not to mention some stiff competition if you want to have your picture taken in front of the trucks.  I had to elbow a lot of small children.  But I guess only the toughest of the tough come out to these things because none of them cried.


My favourite-looking truck was Iron Man.  It looked like a spaceship and had these really cool lights.  It was a decent consolation prize for me because the truck I really wanted to see was the Monster Mutt who, sadly, did not make an appearance.


But, wow, it was a real thrill to watch Tom Meents drive Maximum Destruction (also known as “Max D“).  He was a super aggressive, yet technical, driver and got some huge air.  Plus that truck is really, really loud.


The crowd favourite, however, was clearly Grave Digger, as evidenced by the flags, signs and merchandise seen around the stadium.  I even saw people wearing Grave Digger hats.  And we’re not just talking hats that read Grave Digger on the front or whatever.  I’m talking about hats that are shaped like the Grave Digger.  The truck!  Shaped like the truck!  It was wild.


Last but not least came the demolition derby.  We were sitting pretty far away so we couldn’t hear the sound of metal crunching.  There was a station wagon somewhere in the mix and I think it even won!  But really, it was kinda hard to tell because at the end, it was just all smoke and wrecked cars.




3 Responses to “Monster Truck Jam Yeah!”

  1. 1 Nichola Rochon January 25, 2011 at 6:40 PM

    We were there too, for the Sunday “jam”. We first tried it out in Hamilton in November, and well, let’s just say we are now sipping from Monster Truck mugs and resting on puffy Gravedigger pillows…

  2. 3 kelly January 27, 2011 at 12:12 PM

    Cooooooool! One of these days…

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