Sneak peek.

I think almost everyone has that running list in their head of things they’d do to their home, if and when they win the lottery.

On our such list was a skylight.  A big fat bright and sunny skylight.

Being attached on one side and barely two feet away from our neighbours on the other, there’s not a whole lotta opportunity for light to enter our home.  Through the front and through the back and that’s it, leaving the middle of our house shadowy and darkened, even on the sunniest of days.


On and on we’d talk about how great it would be to have a skylight.  We’d fantasize about a brightened staircase, of plants living harmoniously inside our home.  The light, we’d say.  Oh the light.


Despite knowing what a huge difference such a thing would do, I secretly wondered if it would ever happen.  After all the other things vying for our attention and meager renovation dollars, it was low on the list.


That is, until a little drip drop of water came into say Hi there!

Right in the middle of our hallway.


And so our dream of one day one day having a skylight has turned into: Today we’re getting a skylight!


One good thing about having your roof repaired is the discounted (but we say golden) opportunity to have one installed.


And so, here is that first little ray of sunshine coming into the darkened hallows of our home.

Okay all together now: Yee-aaaayyy!!!!


Fortunately for me (and unfortunately for the husbo), I’m taking off for work and will be gone for a week.  So I will know nothing of the troubles (aka renovation madness, again) that will ail him.  All I know is that a brilliant shaft of light will welcome me home and I really can not wait.


2 Responses to “Sneak peek.”

  1. 1 stepharoni April 5, 2011 at 7:06 PM

    i am looking forward to this project….greatly.

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