A great Canadian company, followed by a study in light.

This past week I was in Montreal, shooting for one of my most favourite clients: Epicure Selections.

Now.  I’ve been accused of “drinking the water.”  But quite frankly, I’m happy to.

Some people dream of a world where corporations put people before profit.  Corporations that believe a business built with integrity, respect and a passion for one’s trade will ultimately lead to profit.

This company truly sincerely believes in, and is doing, just that.


I first worked for Epicure Selections as their official event photographer, back in April of 2009.  They were taking their annual national conference on the road and, luckily for me, it was in my adopted-hometown of Toronto.

I didn’t know what to expect but, when I finished the job, even I wondered if I was due for a career change.  Here was this company, with its humble beginnings, now making a real difference in thousands of people’s lives.

Over those 4 days, I learned the stories.  Stories of parents having time to take their children to and from school.  People who could, for the first time ever, pay for family vacations in full — with money they’d already earned!  Stories of businesswomen and men feeling empowered and in control of their lives.  Stories of friendship.  And of personal triumph.


Now, it’s hard not to be cynical.  We’ve heard all those other stories.  The pyramid schemes and the scams.  We live in a world full of artifice and sometimes it’s hard to cut to the truth.

But as someone who has seen both the fireworks and the sometimes messiness behind the scenes, I can assure you: this company is the real deal.


And while I know now that I’m meant to be a photographer/writer/storyteller, that doesn’t mean that I can’t still spread the word.

After all, while it may not be for me, I am certain that this company could be offering that golden opportunity many folks out there are searching for.


Of course, there’s no pressure here!  This isn’t a sales pitch.  I’m not getting referral commissions or anything and my clients will probably never know that I’m even writing about them.


I just believe in what they’re doing.  And that they’re great.

That’s all.


As for the photographic side of things, here’s a few little ditties from last week.

The light.  Oh the light.




Blue light with a red fill.


Hair light.


Soft light.


Inner light.


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