The cherry blossoms that bloomed.



So, as it turns out, I missed my April post.  Because it’s May.  (Yeesh.)

While my blog suggests that things over here are still dormant, still underground, still silent and unmoving, we have been capital “B” Busy.  Painting and purging, working and working, shooting and shooting without much time for anything else.  It’s actually been so crazy ’round here lately that I even got a bit sick for awhile, something that hasn’t happened in such a long time that I’d forgotten how crappy it is.

But.  I’ve been feeling better and last night even managed to sleep an entire night without a single coughing fest so I’ll take that a positive sign.

Also, I’ve been taking personal photos again!  Which I intend to post on the blog!  Yes!  (Or, for those of you who hate my photos and this blog, No!)

Of course, they are what they are.  They probably won’t be winning accolades or awards anytime soon but that’s not really the point.  Like the pink petals that line the gutters after the cherry blossoms have bloomed, for me, it’s about finding beauty in the everyday and mundane before they slip away to be forgotten.  Fleeting moments that don’t seem to mean much on their own but, with their slow and gradual accumulation, can define a life.







1 Response to “The cherry blossoms that bloomed.”

  1. 1 Kelly May 22, 2012 at 10:21 PM

    I just suddenly felt so happy looking at your photos of those bright snowy blossoms, like how it feels on a cold bright winter day…

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