The meaning of birthday candles.

My dad’s not really into birthdays.

Might’ve something to do with the fact that we don’t know when his real birthday is.  For years, his passport and driver’s license each listed a different date of birth.  And we had no idea which one had a better chance of being right (he eventually had to just “pick one”).

A possible reason for this could be that his Chinese birth certificate (using the Chinese calendar) was translated incorrectly into a date on the Gregorian calendar.  Another possibility could be that his birth certificate was fake.  Or maybe he’s just not into birthdays.

Regardless, my dad’s lack of enthusiasm for birthdays is well-known and consequently, he has never had a birthday party.


In Husbo’s family, birthdays are a Big Deal.  No matter how crazy life is or what day of the week it is or even if no one can make it: Husbo’s family holds fast to the belief that it is important to blow out your birthday candles, on your birthday cake, on your birthday day.  Period.

So when our niece turned ten on a Tuesday, in spite of it all: we kept the tradition alive.  Construction mayhem in the yard, boxed appliances in the dining room, last-minute cancellations sent over email, Tuesday school night be damned.

At least, and as always, there were candles.



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