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Lisa & Joel’s beautiful Casa Loma wedding on the blog!

Hey – Happy October!

Lots brewing over here but, in the meantime, I just wanted to share a couple of photos from Lisa & Joel’s gorgeous wedding at Casa Loma, now featured on the blog!




When we first met, I’m pretty sure I just stared open-mouthed at Lisa the whole time.  She is stunning.  I kept thinking: who do they remind me of?  And then it came to me: uber-sexy couple (but now sadly no longer together) Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel.  HOT.

It was a photographer’s dream to work with such a beautiful couple who also happen to be such incredibly sweet and talented people.  (Case in point: their invitations were made by Vince — I mean Joel, who actually handmade and letter pressed each one himself — he took classes, worked with a graphic designer to design what they wanted, had the plates made… and then pressed them himself!  Just wow.)

Anyway, to see more photos from their lovely day, go on over to the blog and check it here.


(An overly brief and wholly incomplete) look back at 2013, plus a glimpse into 2014!

Seeing as how we’re just two weeks shy of starting a brand new year, now could be an appropriate time to begin reflecting upon the year that was 2013.

At first I thought I could compensate for my lack of blog posts by presenting a kaleidoscopic, yet tidy, summation of the year.  But after a quick scan through the archives, I decided that I could do no such thing.


Besides, on a personal level, you already know the highlights:

* Husbo and I saw our friends Wilson & Ngaio get hitched in Jamaica;

* I made a sketchbook with my niece, Sol, and we all traveled to New York City to see its debut; and

* I experienced my first Coachella!


Outside of that, I really just spent most of this year happily working.  Quietly, steadily, sometimes fervently, but mostly unblogged-ly, working.

Now suddenly it’s mid-December, and 2014 is knocking at the door.






Overall though, 2013 was a great year; full with awesome clients that I kinda wish would get married repeatedly because I just loved working with them so much.


As for this year coming, I’ve got some plans for 2014.  Things I’d like to do, places I’d love to see, you know.  It’s a bit too early to let the cats outta the bag but I’ll keep you posted.


But before I go, I’ll leave you with a bit of big news: I’m going to be at The Wedding Room!  February 22nd & 23rd at the beautiful Arcadian in Toronto.  Come say hello and meet some of the many ultra-talented people in Toronto’s wedding community.



Until next, stay warm and cozy.  Hug those you love and I’ll see you soon!


Love in Paradise.

We’ve been home a week and I still don’t have the words to describe how incredible Ngaio & Wilson’s Jamaican wedding was.  It was capital “A” Amazing.


We’d only been back from NYC for three days before we flew off to Montego Bay.

It was a bit of a shock, experiencing the extreme temperature differences in such a short span of time but, if I had to, I’m pretty sure I could get used to the jetsetter lifestyle.





The wedding was held at Coral Cove, an intimate and lovely resort in a little fishing village near Little Bay.  It’s about 10 miles south of Negril and, apart from us, was completely void of tourists.  It was peaceful, quiet, and beautiful.




I haven’t written anything down recently but I do have a bit of a mental bucket list going.

Before this trip, I was so excited for the wedding that I didn’t think about much else, nevermind checking things off my list.  Things like snorkeling through caves (check) or jumping off a cliff into the ocean (check).   Both of which were awesome — though the latter had me pacing in fear for about 10 minutes before making the leap (which I mostly had to do because a 9 year-old went ahead and did it just before me).



20130307-20130311_jamaica-4068  20130307-20130311_jamaica-4224




Really, the whole trip was just awesome and full with fun times.

Like the time we flew kites on the beach.





Or went sailing on a 40 foot catamaran.




Or went fishing and caught a 25 lb King fish (which Raina heroically reeled in herself and had the bloody knuckles to prove it).





But when it comes down to it, we were there for our dear friends, Wilson and Ngaio, and to see them get married.




Wilson is a photographer (he’s the other half of the awesome Raina + Wilson duo) and Ngaio works in advertising.  Together, they make an amazing team — as evidenced by all the thought, care, and effort they put into planning their wedding.

Case in point: a significant portion of their luggage was dedicated to lighting.  They brought down string lights for the reception, coloured bulbs for the main building, gels to tone down other lights that would’ve otherwise been overpowering / ugly, to name a few.

Of course, given that Wilson is a photographer and producing is something that they both do as part of their day jobs, I wouldn’t expect anything less.  But still.  It was impressive.

And like the rest of the trip, their wedding was simply beautiful.



















It was an incredible trip, in a beautiful place, and full with beautiful people.  My only wish is that we could go back and do it all over again.



Cocktail Wedding Receptions


I’ve been photographing weddings for (eek!!) over 12 years and of the many trends I’ve seen, one idea that I believe has real staying power is that of the cocktail party wedding reception.

For modern couples who want to break from the tradition of getting married earlier in the day and having a (some would say “inconvenient”) 3 or 4 hour break before the reception starts, it can be a great way to keep the flow of the day (and your party!) going.  Not only can you accommodate more guests if your venue has limited seating capacities (people take up less room standing up than they do sitting down), you also won’t have to worry about your out-of-town guests entertaining themselves at the local Tim’s all afternoon dressed in their finest evening wear.

The Wedding Co. (my local and favourite source for finding all those uber-talented wedding vendors in Toronto) wrote a blog post about cocktail-style wedding receptions, along with photos from Lindsay & Andrew’s cocktail-style wedding I shot at the Thompson Landry Gallery.  (Which, by the way, was a bangin’ party thanks to Husbo aka Greg of enjoi dj outfit.)

If a wedding cocktail party something you’re considering for your own wedding, head on over to The Wedding Co.’s blog to learn more.


It takes 2.


Those are my husband’s hands and that’s my ring on his finger.

We bought our wedding rings almost 5 years ago while on a trip to Mexico, after just 4 months of dating.  We tried to put them away and save them for our wedding but found that we were just too excited to wait.  We came home wearing those rings, 2 years before we actually got married, and he’s worn his every day since.

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