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Nonno’s soup in Nonna’s bowls.


Someone is a little sleepyhead.


Where is July going?


Back in the early heat of May, summer seemed endless.  Glorious and everlasting.  Ice cream in waffle cones, all the way.

But with August almost here, it feels like summer is speeding to a close.

And that makes me sad.  Really, really sad.

Looking guilty.


Everyone loves Jeans.


The gift that keeps on giving.


When we were looking for a house, we had a list of “must-have” things and a list of “would-love-love-love-to-have” things.  Space for a vegetable garden was on the latter.

Given how much we love ours, it’s hard to believe that we were prepared to go without.  But, as anyone who has looked for a home in Toronto can attest to, sometimes you just gotta grab what you can get.

In today’s case, it was a whole lotta zucchini and then some.

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