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The dog days of summer.

(And yes, that’s Jeans’s little paw in the water!!  It was her first time swimming!!!!  We are so proud.)


Where the sun shines.



Also, two posts in one day!  Yay!  High five!  (Or high two?)

Happy “Holidays”

If someone had asked me three weeks ago what I’d be doing on December 22nd, my grunt in reply would’ve been: pajamas, couch, chips & movies.  I wanted to be on holidays two weeks ago.

Thankfully, I’m nearing the lit end of this dark tunnel and will be able to let ya’ll in on the surprise very, very soon.

Watching for my next move.

Jeans, running.

Last week, I was lucky enough to be shooting at our great friend Janna’s horse farm.  A beautiful place that’s all rolling hills and open fields and big sky.

And to see the joy on her dogs’ faces as they would run and run and run all over the place.  Leaping through tall grass, weeds whipping their faces.  Tongues flung and flying by the wayside.


Jeans doesn’t have many opportunities to experience such freedom.

Our yard isn’t properly fenced and we live on a busy street.  Our house is an old Victorian row house with intimate rooms and narrow hallways.  By the time she picks up any real speed, she has to put on the brakes.


There’s a school yard just a block from our place.  The sign on the fence reads no dogs allowed but we see dogs there sometimes.  I think it’s more about keeping the grass clean for the kids to roll around in.  Makes sense.

But today the field was empty and we both know how much she loves to run.


So.  We let her run.


Chihuahua meetup.

I haven’t been around much lately (bad dogmother, bad!) so as a little treat to Jeans, we brought her to our first Chihuahua meetup.

She was a bit shy at first (she takes after me) but she warmed up after a little while: got in a few sniffs, had a few treats, and even licked another dogmama’s leg (this is where she is not like me).

It was real fun, really cute and we can’t wait to do it again.

Scenes from a Mexican stand-off.

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