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Someone is salivating.

Lynn and Jeans.

It had been over 8 years and I worried I wouldn’t recognize her.  And without Stella, nothing about me would be the same either.  I stood on the corner, outside the subway station when a familiar face from across the street called out: Is that you?

It was a voice I hadn’t heard in a lifetime.  She told me that she’d gained weight since we were together last.  These days, she’s “fat and happy.”  I’d experienced the same thing, only in reverse.  (I’m happier too, but I used to eat a lot of Smarties.)

We talked late into the night and while my memories of seaside living are faded and tinged with yellowed light, I was reminded of a time when I used to love February.  Cherry blossoms and daffodils.  Secret ponds ensconced in a circle of trees.  Sunrises over the ocean and surf trips on the weekend.

While my fickle heart failed to be tamed by such splendor, at least in those days it was peaceful.



Bedtime face.

Go Flyers!

… Parkdale Flyers, that is.

Our star player (number 16!)

… and his loyal fanbase.

Meeting Jack. / Meeting Zio Greg.


Sunning herself.

Jeans will take whatever sliver of sunshine she can get and just nap it to death.

I wish I had her life.

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