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Celebrating Nonno’s 81 years together.



Husbo was on TV again!

Check it here while it lasts.

(I don’t know in which “clip” he appears in exactly but in the latter two-thirds he gives plenty of cameos!)

Thankful. (And hungry.)

Counting my many blessings.  Thank you thank you thank you.

Snip-snap snip-snaps from DLo + DK’s lovely day.

So my super beautiful super friends Dolores + Darrin just got hitched!

And f’reals — when she walked down the aisle, I could hardly breathe.

It’s a miracle that any of these photos are in focus.


Nuit Blanche.

Didn’t do much for Nuit Blanche this year.  Basically showed up, exhausted and hungry, drank a few and the rest was a blur.

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