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(An overly brief and wholly incomplete) look back at 2013, plus a glimpse into 2014!

Seeing as how we’re just two weeks shy of starting a brand new year, now could be an appropriate time to begin reflecting upon the year that was 2013.

At first I thought I could compensate for my lack of blog posts by presenting a kaleidoscopic, yet tidy, summation of the year.  But after a quick scan through the archives, I decided that I could do no such thing.


Besides, on a personal level, you already know the highlights:

* Husbo and I saw our friends Wilson & Ngaio get hitched in Jamaica;

* I made a sketchbook with my niece, Sol, and we all traveled to New York City to see its debut; and

* I experienced my first Coachella!


Outside of that, I really just spent most of this year happily working.  Quietly, steadily, sometimes fervently, but mostly unblogged-ly, working.

Now suddenly it’s mid-December, and 2014 is knocking at the door.






Overall though, 2013 was a great year; full with awesome clients that I kinda wish would get married repeatedly because I just loved working with them so much.


As for this year coming, I’ve got some plans for 2014.  Things I’d like to do, places I’d love to see, you know.  It’s a bit too early to let the cats outta the bag but I’ll keep you posted.


But before I go, I’ll leave you with a bit of big news: I’m going to be at The Wedding Room!  February 22nd & 23rd at the beautiful Arcadian in Toronto.  Come say hello and meet some of the many ultra-talented people in Toronto’s wedding community.



Until next, stay warm and cozy.  Hug those you love and I’ll see you soon!



The ethereal Pam Lostracco.

A week or so ago, I experienced a moment of synchronicity.

I’ve had this idea for a photo project floating around for awhile and, for whatever reason, now seems to be the perfect time to get started.  The idea, not to get it all crazy hyped-up or anything, is to take portraits of artists in their living and/or working spaces.  Very original, I know.  But whatever!

So, as I was wondering who I’d target ask first, my lovely friend Pam Lostracco came to mind.

She’s an artist/graphic designer/illustrator and lives in a sweet spot, just 5-minutes from mine.  Perfect.

Now.  This is the part where I check my phone and see that Pam just emailed.  She’s about to be profiled on this super cool website and would I mind writing a little paragraph about her?

Of course, I jumped at the chance because I:

(a) fancy myself to be a very accomplished wannabe writer, and

(b) would love to write something nice for someone nice.

Oh and since we’re talking, I’ve been thinking about starting this thing and how would she feel if I were to come over and take her portrait as well as some snaps around her home?  Oh em gee, she was already thinking of asking me!  Obviously there were plenty more exclamation marks in the ensuing rapid-fire exchange of emails but anyhow.

It was pretty cool.


Anyway, if you wanna see just one more reason why Toronto is Awesome, go on and check out their profile on my dear and talented friend Pam Lostracco.



Stef & Ian’s wedding on The Wedding Co. blog!



All this snow makes me want to do nothing but curl up into a tight bun and sleep until spring.

So, while sunlit fairies and butterflies dance in my dreams, let me direct you to the blog of our good friends, The Wedding Co.

My photos from Stef & Ian’s beautiful, sentimental & handcrafted wedding at The Waterstone Estates are online and you can read all about it here.







The luminous Alison.

Test shots with Husbo.


I may be biased but this guy really does look good in front of a camera.


Photobooth fun!

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