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Family style at Wvrst.

I probably could’ve taken a better photo of the food but those were duck fat fries and I just couldn’t wait.


Coming up for air.


I’ve been away a long time, I know.  But that doesn’t mean I didn’t think about you!

Work has been busy.  So busy.  Amazingly, wondrously busy!  But nonetheless.  Still busy.

Weekends, weekdays — I’ve lost the distinction.  Instead, these days are all shoot days and prep days and post days.  All I need now is coupla’ “catch my breath” days and then we’re all good!


In the meantime, here are some little life snippets from the last (yikes) 10+ days:

Husbo made pork tenderloin.  Rendered duck fat and dried cranberries were involved.  It was yum.


Jeans and I went to visit Husbo on-set.  Here’s Jeans, scanning the perimeter of his trailer.  (She’s such a good little guard dog!)


Wvrst had it’s soft opening, too!  Here’s our niece, shocked that her zio’s beer mug was bigger than her head.


Just when you thought you couldn’t fit anymore big events into one week, our nephew had his confirmation.  Looking at him here, one can almost see the man he is becoming.


And then there were the fireworks.

I love fireworks.

Some Saturday birthday smiles.

Week-end round-up!

Apologies for the radio silence: this week has been busy!  Mostly lotsa work with itty bits o’ fun sprinkled in.

Here’s some snaps of the fun:

Husbo tried his hand at baking cookies.  For the first time ever.  And they didn’t burn!!  There is nothing he can’t do.

While I, the proud baker of hockey pucks, slunk away in shame and ate more than my share.


Coupla’ days later, Husbo went to an audition while I ran errands.  We rendezvous-ed downtown and did some shopping for our niece who will be turning 9 soon.  We stopped in at a guitar shop where Husbo got to play around for a little bit.

We didn’t get anything but the next time I’ve got 12 grand burnin’ a hole in my pocket, I know what I’m going to get him.


Jeans, on the other hand, can’t play guitar or bake cookies.

She does, however, love them squirrels.  Those things have her mes-mer-iiiized!


Me, I have the rather dull and boring pastime of looking up at trees.  I can do that all day long!  Might have something to do with having my head in the clouds most of the time but let’s not point fingers.

Photographer Spotlight!

The lovely people at Blueberry Weddings have featured me and photos from one of my weddings on their blog!  Yaaaaay!!

Clicky here to check it out!

Fun-coloured drinks means that summer is here.

At least it’d better be soon or else I’m going to drink myself into a stupor.

(Just kidding, Mom — Happy Mother’s Day!)

Learning from the best.

I took a photo of Naomi Harris taking my photo.

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