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Goals for 2015: Blog More (With added BONUS: Vacation Photos!)

Happy 2015!

I love this time of year.  All those brand new months in the calendar, unmarked and unknown.  Everything is fresh with promise.

Of course, I’ve spent plenty of early-Januaries feeling energized and inspired, only to spend the following late-Februaries wearing the same sweatpants for three days straight and eating a lot of chips.  I even went on a “resolution boycott” for a spell because I thought such things were just setting me up for failure.

However.  I’ve since changed my perspective.  It wasn’t the resolutions that set me up for failure, it was my lack of a plan.  Thanks to Ishita Gupta, I’ve recently developed a plan for 2015.  And while it is admittedly very early in the year to know if it’s working or not, it definitely feels like it is!

One such resolution (of the common “has-definitely-failed-in-the-past” variety) was to blog more often.  I never wrote it down, I just kinda… thought it. “Blog more.” And judging by the number of blog posts I made in 2014 (a whopping nine), I didn’t do so well.

But this year is a new year.  I have a plan.  And — nerd alert! — it even includes a spreadsheet.  The goal is to post every two weeks.  Bonus points if it’s even more than that.

In short, you will be seeing me again!  Soon!  (In two weeks!!)


Until then, here are a few photos from our recent family trip to the beautiful Dominican Republic.  As our clan is split between Toronto and LA, it is rare for us to be under one roof at once.  So to have enjoyed that time together over the holidays was utter bliss.  (Also, staring at photos from warm and sunny places can make one feel warmer, right?  Me and my long underwear really hope so!)











Coming home.

Visiting with my Montreal family.


En route.





There aren’t many places or people that are available whenever you want them.  But the few that are, are worth appreciating.  Like the drive-thru at McDonald’s or The Lakeview on Dundas.  It is a small miracle (or gross indulgence, depending on your perspective) that it is possible to have fries at any time of the day.

My father-in-law is like this.  Anytime you need anything, he’s there.  Even if you don’t need anything, he’ll ask if you do and offer anyway.  Sometimes he won’t even offer — he’ll just do it.  Like bring over groceries at random, just because he thought we’d enjoy this fresh bundle of asparagus or pint of blackberries.

He’s pretty special and we’re pretty lucky to have him.  He’s a nice guy.

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