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Coachella (the vacation recap edition — part two)!

While this was my second Coachella, I’d still consider myself to be pretty new to the whole music festival thing.  The sheer scale of it all, plus the sight of tens of thousands people together in one place just amazes me.  Not to mention the almost-spiritual sensation of surrendering to the music.  I just love it and only wish I’d known about it sooner!





Plus there’s amazing fashion and larger-than-life art installations to see everywhere.






But really, what I think is best about Coachella are the friends you’re with.





Beautiful music, well-worn dancing shoes and big belly laughs really are some of the best things in life.





California love (the vacation recap edition — part one).



So we’re back from California (again).  It’s really hard not to love it there.  With the sunshine, ocean, and beautiful people — seriously, what is not to love??


Speaking of beautiful people, here’s a couple snaps of my favourite California girl, Gemma (whom I just adore to bits — but mostly because she’s willing to share her crayons with me).




Alas, our time in LA is never long enough.  So, a heartbeat and too-few-photos later, we were en route to Palm Springs where we met up with even more cuties, Adele and Preston (who was just 8 weeks old!):





While it’s lovely to be surrounded by such sweetness, I can’t lie.  The real reason we were there was this: Coachella!!!!!

(To be continued…)


Lisa & Joel on Blush & Bloom’s blog!

Last week, the very sweet and talented Becky of Blush & Bloom fame shared some photos on her blog from Lisa & Joel’s fabulous Casa Loma wedding.

Becky created such prettiness that I can’t help but sigh whenever I think about it.

But don’t just take my word for it — go visit her blog and see for yourself here.



Kate & Mark & their wedding in Today’s Bride!


If you hadn’t guessed by now, it’s a goal of mine to blog more often.  Maybe not everyday, but at least more than semi-annually.  I know — that’d be a HUGE improvement.

That said, because of my poor posting of past (bad blogger, BAD!), I do have quite the backlog of things that I should’ve told you about.  Like, Kate & Mark’s wedding that was featured in the latest Fall/Winter issue of Today’s Bride!  They also did a lovely little bit online and you can peek at that here.

In the meantime, and since it is seasonally appropriate, here are a few of my favourites from their wedding that took place on that oh-so-brilliant & bright winter day.





20130209_kate_mark-5285  20130209_kate_mark-5324




A couple of winter scenes featuring trees.



LA for the holidays.

We have a niece named Gemma.  She just turned 2.  She likes barrettes, edamame and colouring.  And while we’d go absolutely anywhere to be with her, thankfully she lives in LA so this far from hardship.

Over the ten days we sang songs, built sand castles, and pretended to talk on the phone.  It was awesome.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of said activities because I was busy playing.

But here’s a few that I did take.



20131224-20140103-4337  20131224-20140103-4379





Gosh I miss her already.


A prairie girl’s take on those eastern ice storms.

While I’ve lived in Toronto for the past ten (!!!) years, I’ve never experienced a bona fide ice storm before.

I was still in Edmonton back when the Great Ice Storm of 1998 struck.  While I personally wouldn’t judge anyone too harshly for, say, calling in the army for help, I also didn’t really understand it.  What’s the big deal about ice storms anyway?

But then I looked outside.  And all I could say was: Oh.  Then: Wow.




What I saw on the news back then just didn’t compare with what I saw in my own backyard.

Everything was entirely encased in ice.  Everything.  Thick cold solid ice.  The car, the sidewalk, the fence, the power lines, even the tiniest leaf on the skinniest branch.  It was a world where, all at once, every single thing gets to fulfill its secretly-held dream of being a crystal chandelier.

It was breathtaking.

And breathtakingly slippery.  That said, because:

* I’m sometimes clumsy,

* I barely know how to skate, and

* I’m almost guaranteed to hurt myself in even the safest of situations,

I didn’t dare venture too far but here are a few snaps that I practically risked my life to take.

You’re welcome.





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